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About Me

About Me Updated!

About Me

  • Hello SouthWest University.
    • 2014.09-ChongQing
    • Major in Software engineering.
  • Internship at Hand-China Co., Ltd.
    • 2017.07-ShangHai
    • Java Intern Engineer at the R&D Center.
  • Got the offer of master from South China University of Technology.
    • 2017.11-GuangZhou
  • Internship at Ldygo.
    • 2017.11-ShenZhen
    • Java Intern Engineer.
  • Graduated from SouthWest University.
    • 2018.07-ChongQing
    • Got Bachelor Degree of Engineering.
  • Hello South China University of Technology.
    • 2018.09-GuangZhou
    • Research Natural Language Processing.

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